Established in 1978, Northeastern Metals & Chemicals has long been an industry leader in the refining of all grades of gold & silver waste materials.

In over 30 years of business, we've seen countless vagaries in the precious metals market. It is our ability to consistently thrive during these changes that reflects our overall financial strength for continued longevity. Our satisfied customer base confirms our commitment to reliability and integrity.

We perform recovery services for the dental, medical, photo, jewelry and salvage industries. We also work with consumers on a regular basis to recover metals from old coins, flatware, jewelry, and other decorative pieces.

We have capacities to process small or large lots, solid scrap, polishing sweeps, floor sweeps, filings, and grindings, as well as mostly anything that contains gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

By Choosing Northeastern Metals and Chemicals as your primary refiner, you can eliminate the middleman, and receive prompt, accurate, and reliable settlements.

Our goal at Northeastern Metals and Chemicals is to serve our customers and provide them with the courtesy and profesionalism that we ourselves would like to be treated to.

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