Dental Scrap:
How do we define “dental scrap”?

There’s the obvious articles of dental scrap, which are bridges and crowns. But there’s gold present in other pieces of dental scrap as well. Clasps, clippings, dental grindings, polishings, fillings, and inlays can also contain recoverable amounts of gold. There is value in your dental scrap, even if gold is used in smaller, unremarkable amounts as with some types of dental fittings.

Examples of Dental Scrap:

• Crown & Bridge
• Grindings
• Filings
• Flashings
• Sweeps
• Vacuum Bags
• Spruces
• Crucibles
• Filters
• Carpet
• Re-Makes
• Castings

Refining dental scrap is a complicated process and requires sufficient expertise that is gained only through experience. An inexperienced refiner can easily leave large amounts of your metal in slag residue resulting in considerable monetary loss to you. Be sure your refiner can handle all scrap that may have value. Call Northeastern Metals & Chemicals for free scrap containers and pick-up service.

Manufacturing Scrap:
There are various industries where gold scrap is abundant as a result of the manufacturing or other processes. Scrap gold or platinum is often be a by-product of a manufacturing process. Whether it is the circuitry in electronics manufacturing, or in jewelry design, there is often metal that can be recovered and refined.

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