Polishing residue and floor sweeps require a radically different approach because such scraps are likely to contain a wide assortment of miscellaneous materials. Burnable items are also defined as sweeps materials, including polishing dust, floor sweeps, ultrasonic sludge, tumbling solution, slag, crucibles, sink trap sludge, filters and carpeting.

Floor sweeps also include buff pads, brushes, sandpaper, emery cloth, paper towels, clothing, boots, gloves and trash. These items can be incinerated, ball milled/crushed, screened, sampled and assayed. During the screening process; if oversized material is present, these materials will be be returned to the customer or melted, sampled and assayed.

Whether you have five pounds, or five hundred pounds of this waste, Northeastern Metals & Chemicals will process your floor or polishing sweeps with precision accuracy.

Call us for your waste-containers and pick-up service at no charge.

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