There is excess waste associated with the turning of gold, silver, platinum into beautiful jewelry or dental filings and crowns. Grindings and filings produces left over particles and dust. A simple sweep of a workbench will gather these grindings, filings, and dust. This is known as a "bench sweep".

It is imperative to clean your bench and your lap tray on your bench on a daily basis. Bench Sweeps can be very rich in metal and yield as much as 33% of their weight.

Refining bench sweeps is a different process than refining solids. We request that you collect your bench sweeps in a container and keep them separate from your solids. We will provide a container at your request.

Extracting precious metals from bench sweeps requires more than just smelting. Accompanied by years of experience, we take various steps to properly process your bench sweeps for maximum yield. Northeaster Metals & Chemicals can turn filings into bullion or beauty depending on your needs.

Give us the opportunity to earn your confidence.

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